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Defining, Documenting and Treating Injuries for TBI & Concussion

For years, there have been a limited number of treatments proven to be helpful in managing the functional changes following a brain injury or concussion. Valhalla is changing that by utilizing a cutting edge technology that delivers improvements in function in 2 to 6 weeks.

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"Annually, the US sees 3 million concussions, often resulting in persistent and progressive symptoms. Valhalla Smart Light Cell Therapy offers a beacon of hope, with over 40,000 successful treatments, significantly reducing symptoms and enhancing healing processes for many."

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Research indicates over 60% still face the same symptoms 7 years on, while 26% witness their conditions progressively worsen.

Impactful Recovery Statistics


concussions annually


experience progressive worsening symptoms


persistent symptoms


successful treatments by Valhalla


increased force generation


reduced muscle soreness

Our Approach

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Establish Baselines

Initiate therapy with a comprehensive assessment to set cognitive and performance benchmarks.

Protocol Pathways

Customize treatment plans based on initial assessments to target specific recovery goals.

Measure & Adjust

Continuously evaluate progress, making necessary adjustments to enhance therapy effectiveness.

Build Resilience

Strengthen recovery outcomes, ensuring long-term health resilience and well-being.

Chris Balualua

Chris Balualua

Former Hollywood Stuntman

"In a week I saw a difference. In a month they changed my life"

Chris Balualua - Former Hollywood Stuntman

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Meet the Doctor

Dr. David F. Tate, PhD
Dr. David F. Tate, PhD
Chief Research Officer, Valhalla Plus

For the past 30 years, Dr. Tate has been conducting clinical research focused on various neurologic and psychiatric conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). His research has been instrumental in improving the diagnostic process for many of these conditions, but improving treatment outcomes has become his real passion and focus. We recognize that every person is fighting battles every day. Here at Valhalla Smart Light Cell Therapies we can be the light that will restore you to your best self. We can be your place of rest and recovery where you can retake your life and face your daily battles knowing you will win every time.

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Every day the expert staff at Valhalla Plus help people rediscover the hope they once had; and nothing makes us more excited than seeing our clients overcome adversity.

Downloadable Articles

Delve into a wealth of knowledge with our curated selection of brain mapping articles. Our informative cards provide a snapshot of cutting-edge research and articles, all available for you to download. Click on the items below to initiate your download. Discover, learn, and stay updated with the latest in neuroscience today.

Experience The Transformative Power of Smart Light Therapy

When it comes to your health, we don’t believe in cutting corners. Our Smart Light Therapy helps with the following conditions.

Concussion Recovery Redefined


Smart Light Cell Therapy accelerates concussion recovery, enhancing cognitive function and overall well-being.

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Illuminating Paths to Happiness


Experience the potential for a brighter, more joyful outlook on life by influencing brain chemistry positively.

Depression image related

Reclaim Comfort in Every Movement

Chronic Pain

Experience relief and regain control over your life with our non-invasive, advanced approach to managing chronic pain.

Chronic Pain image related

Embracing Calm, Embracing Life


Discover a natural path to peace of mind and a sense of balance, empowering you to embrace each day with renewed vitality and calm assurance.

Anxiety image related

Pioneering Relief for Clearer Tomorrows


Innovative treatment potentially reduces pain and inflammation associated with chronic headaches.

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Balancing Life's Emotional Tides

Mood Swings

Promising therapy may improve mood swings and promote a sense of overall well-being.

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